She: A Lifetime of True

Wellness for Women

Using Yoga, Ayurveda, and Bioscience

to Truly Care for the Women in Our Lives

For the SHE: Shadow Tantra event

Please follow the SHESHADOW18AUG

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       ~ : Zuen : Ona : Yena : Hun : Avar : Elle : Sie :: SHE :: Ze : Hän : Iyada: Vona : Zy : Tā : Vaha : Na : ~

This precious Immersion

based on Yoga, Ayurveda and BioScience,

focuses on empowering the participants

with insights, wisdom and practical protocols

to care for the Women in our lives,

from pre-conception to her Spirit’s release,

fully embracing her development as

Child, Teenager, Woman, Lover, Mother, and Wise Woman Elder